Blu-ray: Mangoshake

Blu-ray: Mangoshake

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"Mangoshake is a D.I.Y. film-making triumph that is stuffed with genuine talent from an untested cast that deserves your attention like, right now. See it at any opportunity you can." - Adam Cooper (Letterboxd)

"Mangoshake is side-splittingly hilarious" - Brandon Wall-Fudge (The Mutt)

"This may very well be the best thing ever born out of Canadian suburbia, and that's in consideration of our greatest hockey players." - Pere Jules (Letterboxd) 

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An uproarious lo-fi labyrinth of suburban adolescent shenanigans over ‘one crazy summer’, MANGOSHAKE recalls the generational coming-of-age myths of Richard Linklater or George Lucas’s American Graffiti, but filtered through a raw and frequently anarchic aesthetic that affords it a disarming authenticity. Shot over a single summer among a group of real-life friends and acquaintances, themselves at the crossroads of adulthood, the film in a sense also documents its own creation. Akin to thumbing the pages of a teenager’s secret diary, jubilant irreverence gives way to startlingly profound pangs of existential angst, relationships evaporate without catharsis, and the ‘best’ or ‘worst’ day of one’s life are perpetually up for emotional debate. Gold Ninja Video is proud to present MANGOSHAKE on Blu-ray for the first time in a feature packed special edition that includes the Extended Heatstroke Edition, a commentary track with Writer/Director Terry Chiu, deleted scenes, short films, behind the scenes footage, festival introductions, and more! 


  • A feature-length audio commentary track by Writer/Director Terry Chiu and Producer Peter Kuplowsky moderated by The Important Cinema Club's Justin Decloux 
  • An experimental feature-length audio commentary track by Terry Chiu on the Extended Heatstroke Edition of Mangoshake. 
  • Behind the Scenes Featurette 
  • Deleted Scenes
    • Âme 
    • James & Demo vs. Autumn
    • How To Professional Sound Record
  • Film Festival Introductions
  • Liner Notes by Terry Chiu 
  • Heatstroke (Emphasis on Stroke): An Audio documentation of cast and crew’s psychological deterioration (with pictures)


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