Blu-ray: Magic Spot

Blu-ray: Magic Spot

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When local broadcaster Walter Moore (Matt Farley) and his cousin Poopy (Chris Peterson) discover a magic spot in the local woods, their lives are forever altered in the most surprising of ways, as the spot turns out to be not only magic but also a portal to the past that can be utilized for good or for ill! 

Will the two friends finally discover the truth behind the events that led to the demise of their Uncle Dan (Kevin McGee)? Will Matt use the power of the spot to figure out what his old flame Alyssa (Elizabeth Peterson) was wearing on their first date? And who are the mysterious men that seem to be following them everywhere they go? Could it have something to do with the world's end as we know it? 

BACK TO THE FUTURE meets TWIN PEAKS in the most heartwarming film you’ll ever see where people scream, “Acclimate, Poopy! Acclimate!” 


*Commentary Track with Charlie Roxburgh, Matt Farley and Justin Decloux

*Behind the Scenes of Magic Spot 

*The Troubadours: An Extended Performance 

*The Black And White Era: A Video Discussion between Will Sloan and Justin Decloux