Blu-ray: Local Legends

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He’s composed 20,000 songs, made over ten movies, and continues to craft solid gold masterpieces on a daily basis. The problem is that nobody cares.  His friends tell him to slow down, film festivals reject his work, and the only way he can get his albums into stores is by sneaking them onto a shelf when no one is looking. 

The life of an unheralded genius artist is a difficult one, but Matt Farley firmly believes that if he continues to work tirelessly, the world has to notice him eventually...


LOCAL LEGENDS is the slightly-fictionalized story of Matt Farley’s life written, directed, edited, and shot by Matt Farley.  Designed to answer the question “How do you do it?”, while also serving as a charming sales pitch, the end result is a hilarious, honest and moving look into complex realities of the creative process.  

Gold Ninja Video is proud to present LOCAL LEGENDS in a brand new high definition transfer along with an exhausting amount of extras that include exclusive commentary tracks with Matt Farley, interviews with his collaborators, and a never-before-seen Motern Media feature film! 


  • A feature-length audio commentary track on Local Legends by Writer/Director Matt Farley and Moderator Justin Decloux 
  • A feature-length audio commentary track on Local Legends by Motern Media Scholar Peter Kuplowsky and Moderator Justin Decloux 
  • Exclusive Audio Interviews with: 
    • Matt Farley (Actor/Director/Writer) 
    • Charles Roxburgh (Actor) 
    • Elizabeth Peterson (Actor) 
    • Sharon Scalzo (Actor) 
    • Chris Peterson (Actor) 
  • BONUS FILM: Druid Gladiator Clone 
  • A feature-length audio commentary track on Druid Gladiator Clone by Co-Director/Co-Star/Co-Writer Charles Roxburgh, Star/Co-Writer/Co-Director Matt Farley and Moderator Justin Decloux 
  • FEATURETTE: Motern Madness: A Beginner’s Guide to Motern Media 
  • SECRET FILM: A never before seen Motern Media feature! 


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