Blu-ray: Kung Fu Zombie

Blu-ray: Kung Fu Zombie

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Billy Chong stars in a double dose of undead action in KUNG FU ZOMBIE and KUNG FU FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE! In both bone-crunching outings, Billy plays a highly-skilled martial arts master who faces off against an army of flesh-eating ghouls with murder on the mind. KUNG-FU ZOMBIE is a cavalcade of energetic fisticuffs as Billy fights a blood-sucking beast to save his father’s soul. KUNG FU FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE is a nightmare ride through hell as Billy takes on black magic killers, revenge-seeking assassins, and Dracula himself! Gold Ninja Video is proud to present both films in a brand new special edition that includes contextual commentary, an introduction to Hong Kong Horror and an exclusive trailer reel that includes all the hopping vampires, cat spirits and black magic rituals a human body can handle before it melts into a puddle of centipedes.


  • A feature-length audio commentary track by The Important Cinema Club's Justin Decloux and Film Programmer Brandon Lim 
  • FEATURETTE: “Punch a Ghost: A Beginner's Guide to Hong Kong Horror
  • FULL-LENGTH BONUS FILM: Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave (1982) 
  • Liner notes by Justin Decloux 
  • TRAILER REEL: Beware the Black Magic Hopping Vampire Cats!
    A 90-minute collection of Hong Kong Horror Movie trailers
    • Featuring a full-length audio commentary track by Justin Decloux


Eagle Claw Classics series is dedicated to preserving and celebrating widely available, but little respected, martial arts cinema. The films on this disc have not been remastered, but efforts have been made to present them in the most visually pleasing way with the element that have been made available.