Blu-ray: Creature from Black Lake

Blu-ray: Creature from Black Lake

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NOTE: This is not a new high-def scan and the image has not been remastered. 

In the deepest darkness of the Louisiana swamps, a creature hungers, and it’s up to two middle-aged college students on a journey of self-discovery to unearth its dastardly secrets. Will our heroes make it out with proof that Skunk Apes walk amongst us or will they fall screaming under the bloodstained claws of Bayou Bigfoots? Only the survivors of a night with the Creature from Black Lake will know the terrifying answer! The horror movie marathon is a hallowed ritual, and with this disc, Gold Ninja Video and the ShockMarathons group (Matt Farley, Charles Roxburgh, and Tom Scalzo) collect some of their favourite regional horror marathon discoveries, like CREATURE FROM BLACK LAKE and I LOVE TO KILL, alongside a new feature-length commentary track, a history of ShockMarathons, and a how-to video on organizing the perfect scare packed film marathon with your friends!


  • A feature-length audio commentary track on Creature from Black Lake By Matt Farley, Charles Roxburgh, Tom Scalzo and Justin Decloux.
  • The History of Shockmarathons: A Video Discussion 
  • The Beauty of Regional Horror (Ft. Will Sloan): A Video Discussion 
  • The Perfect Horror Movie Marathon: A Video Primer 
  • Liner notes by Justin Decloux, Charles Roxburgh and Matt Farley 


The Important Cinema Club Bargain-Bin Classics series is dedicated to preserving and celebrating classic cinema the way it was meant to be seen: in the bad, dupey prints that were prevalent in VHS and DVD bargain-bins in the early 2000s. The producers of this edition scoured out-of-print bargain-basement DVDs dating from the early 2000s to find just the right transfers: clear enough to be legible but damaged enough to look like a local TV broadcast from the ‘60s.