Blu-ray: Personal Space Invader

Blu-ray: Personal Space Invader

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There’s a murderous monkey from outer space on the loose and he’s out to ruin everyone’s Spring Break! Can the lazy Sherrif Ralph Goodman (Bob Blaschuk) and his overexcited deputy Drew Puty (Justin Decloux) stop the rude simian’s reign of terror before planet earth is destroyed? And will there be bloody murders, silly musical numbers and a wrestling match along the way? Only the brave souls who watch this movie will ever know the answer!

A love letter to regional shot-on-video horror made by a bunch of friends who wanted to prove to themselves they could finish a feature film (barely), PERSONAL SPACE INVADER is presented here for the first time in high-definition along with a banana crate of special features that include a new interview with Writer/Director Adam Thorn, commentary tracks, a making-of featurette and the feature film sequel PERSONAL SPACE INVADER 2!


  • A feature-length audio commentary track by Adam Thorn (Writer/Director), Bob Blaschuk (Actor) and Justin Decloux (Actor)
  • A feature-length audio commentary track by Justin Decloux (Editor/Cinematographer)
  • THE PERSONAL SPACE INVADER WILL NEVER DIE: A new conversation between Adam Thorn and Justin Decloux 
  • Behind the Scenes (with commentary)
  • VHS VISION: Watch Personal Space Invader looking like it was taped off of Canadian television at 2:00 AM in the morning (with commercials!) 
  • Short Films: Xterminator and the WHAT THE FUDGE (COMEDY SHORTS)
  • BONUS FEATURE FILM: Personal Space Invader 2 
  • A feature-length audio commentary track on PSI2 by Adam Thorn (Writer/Director) and Bob Blaschuk (Actor) 
  • Liner Notes by Justin Decloux 


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