Blu-ray: The Other Side of Gary Graver

Blu-ray: The Other Side of Gary Graver

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NOTE: The transfer of THE EMBRACERS  was provided by Sean Graver (from a tape copy), but the other films are not new transfers and have not been remastered. All of the features are in standard definition. 

Gary Graver has one of the most fascinating careers in motion picture history: He shot Orson Welles final feature THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND, he worked as Welles’ closest creative collaborator on the great director’s final projects, he filmed alongside Steven Spielberg, John Cassavetes and Paul Bartel, and most impressive of all, he was the cinematographer on dozens of movies that continue to be treasured as beloved cult classics.

But Gary Graver’s name is often reduced to a footnote in film history, so in an attempt to shine a light on his accomplishments, Gold Ninja Video is proud to present a release dedicated to Graver’s oeuvre. This disc includes Graver’s debut THE EMBRACERS (1963, presented here in its longest available form, which has never been released), his jaw-dropping directorial effort AND WHEN SHE WAS BAD (1973), and the very personal retrospective A GARY GRAVER MOVIE (2004).


  • FEATURE FILM: The Embracers (1963) - Gary Graver’s First feature directorial effort, now with 4-minutes that haven’t been seen since its theatrical run. 
  • FEATURE FILM: And When She Was Bad (1973) - A film directed by Gary Graver 
  • FEATURE FILM: Filming The Trial (1981) - An Unfinished Documentary shot by Gary Graver about Orson Welles' THE TRIAL
  • FEATURE FILM: A Gary Graver Movie (2004 - The Director takes the viewer through his filmography and highlights his favourite moments and edits that were made by producers. Uncut for the first time. 


  • A feature-length audio commentary track on THE EMBRACERS by Will Sloan and Justin Decloux 
  • We Must Shoot: A Video Discussion About Gary Graver’s Work as a Cinematographer 
  • The Unseen Gary Graver: An Audio Interview with Gary Graver Scholars Dave Wain and Matty Budrewicz
  • The Personal Gary Graver: An Audio Interview with Actor Jewel Shepard
  • The Great Gary Graver: An Audio Interview with Biographer Andrew J. Rausch
  • Liner Notes by Will Sloan which include an interview with Sean Graver and Geoff Graver


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