Blu-ray: Revengeful Swordswoman

Blu-ray: Revengeful Swordswoman

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Hsiang Ying (Legendary wuxia star Chia Ling) is having a bad day. 

First, her parents are killed. Then, her master betrays her. And finally, she gets thrown off a cliff into a pack of hungry wolves. 

With all that, there’s only one solution to her problem: Brutally Kill Everyone. 

So, she grabs her trusty blade, changes her name to The Heartless Lady, and decides her mission isn't over until all her enemies rest dead at her feet. 

And there’s going to be a lot of them. 

Never before released on physical media in its original aspect ratio, Gold Ninja Video Video is proud to present REVENGEFUL SWORDSWOMAN from a new 2K transfer taken from a theatrical print. Finally, you can enjoy all the film’s golden skull rockets, monk bashing and face whipping the way they were meant to be seen! 

The film will be available on the disc in English and Mandarin audio with English subtitles. 


- Commentary by Dylan Cheung and Justin Decloux
- No One Can Touch Her: The Career of Chia Ling
- A Beginner's Video Guide to Wuxia
- Colour Correcting Revenge: With Daniel Stuyck
- Bonus Feature: Against the Drunken Cat Paws (1979)
- Liner Notes by Justin Decloux