Blu-ray: Holy Virgin vs. Evil Dead

Blu-ray: Holy Virgin vs. Evil Dead

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The forces of darkness have risen up to destroy the world and there is only one man with a jump kick powerful enough to stop them:

Donnie Yen.

Okay, that’s not entirely true, because Donnie is going to need the help of the laser sword-wielding Holy Virgin (Pauline Yeung Bo-Ling) in order to defeat the green-eyed Moon Monster (Ken Lo, the super kicker villain from Jackie Chan’s DRUNKEN MASTER II). It’s an all-out brawl for the fate of humanity filled with skull-crushing, rainbow-coloured caverns, and a jaw-dropping amount of nudity.

A mad mix of martial arts action, gory horror, and sleazy sexploitation, HOLY VIRGIN VS THE EVIL DEAD is a one of a kind wild ride that Gold Ninja Video is proud to present on a Blu-ray packed with new special features, which include a feature-length commentary, a video essay about Donnie Yen’s career, and Donnie’s directorial debut ASIAN COP: HIGH VOLTAGE.


  • A feature-length audio commentary track by The Important Cinema Club’s Justin Decloux and Filmmaker Alex Chung. 
  • FEATURETTE: He Will Never Go Down: A Video Essay about Donnie Yen’s Career
  • TRAILER REEL: A Hundred Jump Kicks
  • FULL-LENGTH BONUS FILM: Asian Cop - High Voltage (1994)
  • Liner Notes by Justin Decloux


Eagle Claw Classics series is dedicated to preserving and celebrating widely available, but little respected, martial arts cinema. The films on this disc have not been remastered, but efforts have been made to present them in the most visually pleasing manner with available elements.