Blu-ray: Blood of the Dragon

Blu-ray: Blood of the Dragon

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Kao Pao-Shu is an incredible rarity in the history of martial arts cinema: She was a woman who directed, wrote and produced a fantastic series of bone-crushing action epics. BLOOD OF THE DRAGON is her famous film, and it isn’t hard to understand why: Jimmy Wang Yu plays an undefeated spearman out for bloody revenge who brutally murders anyone that gets in his way. The choreography is crisp, the bodies fall by the dozens, and the blood spills on the ground in rivers.

Gold Ninja Video is proud to highlight the underrated work of Kao Pao-Shu with this disc packed with new special features: A commentary track by The Important Cinema Club, a featurette on the director’s career, a trailer reel highlighting some of the underseen women martial arts stars of the 70s, and the bonus feature THE MASTER STRIKES – also directed by Kao Pao-Shu.


  • A feature-length audio commentary track by The Important Cinema Club's Will Sloan and Justin Decloux
  • FEATURETTE: Kao-Pao Shu (The Director) - A Video Primer 
  • TRAILER REEL: She Will Break Your Skull: A Trailer Reel of Female Martial Arts Ass Kickers
  • FULL-LENGTH BONUS FILM: The Master Strikes (1980) 
  • Liner Notes by Justin Decloux


Eagle Claw Classics series is dedicated to preserving and celebrating widely available, but little respected, martial arts cinema. The films on this disc have not been remastered, but efforts have been made to present them in the most visually pleasing way with the element that have been made available